Q: What is "Advertithing"?

A: "Advertithing" is a business that sells advertising and dedicates a portion (at least 10%) of the profits to fund humanitarian projects.

A second portion of profits is used to develop related social ventures.

A third portion of the profits from Advertithing and any relate ventures will be deposited in a charitable gift account or foundation (known as the "Hedge Fund For Humanity" (HFFH). The earnings from the "Hedge Fund for Humanity" will fund humanitarian projects. Barring investment losses, the principal will remain intact for future generations.

Q: How does it work?

A: It's quite simple! In the first phase, businesses and individuals lease space on our home page. The profits are used as seed capital to develop social ventures (click here for a definition).

A portion of the profits from all ventures are accumulated in the "Hedge Fund for Humanity", in the form of a charitable gift account or nonprofit foundation. If we are successful, the interest on HFFH will eventually enable us to address major world problems such as hunger, shelter, sanitation, and disaster relief.

Q: How will the advertisers get exposure?

A: Initially, our sponsors won't see a huge increase in traffic. However, as a long term investment, we believe that the advertising spaces on our site will become quite valuable as our mission becomes more widely known. Because advertisements are sold for a minimum of 10 years (and at a very low cost - less than $1 per month, per unit), we feel confident that our advertisers are getting the best value in online advertising, ever!

Q: How much does it cost?

A: Pricing is straightforward: $10 per ad unit, per year. An ad unit is 25 pixels, or one box on the home page image. Ad sales are for a minimum period of 10 years and are paid in advance (although large purchases can be paid for in installments). There is no maximum time period for the advertisements. All advertisers will have the option to renew when their ads expire, although sales must be pre-paid to guarantee pricing.

Q: How many ad units are there?

A: There are 50,000 ad units. The are arranged vertically on the home page, and in landscape mode in the "big picture" view.

Q: One Trillion Dollars? Really? Isn't that a little unrealistic?

A: We admit - we are dreamers. But then again one trillion dollars is not really that much. It is less than 10% of US GDP for one year (in other words, it's about 10% of all US income for a year). The financial press estimates that TWO trillion dollars in cash and cash equivalents is "sitting on the sidelines" as investors mull their next move. In 25 years, a trillion may be worth even less, as inflation reduces the value of the dollar.

Q: OK, perhaps it's possible. But why One Trillion Dollars?

A: The U.N. estimates that world hunger can be eliminated sustainably for about $30 billion dollars per year. According to their estimates, it would take 10 years, after which the projects would be self-sustaining. $30 billion is 3% of one trillion. A one trillion dollar foundation would probably be able to yield $30 billion on an ongoing basis, and keep up with inflation. After world hunger is taken care of, we can address other needs such as shelter, medicine, education, the environment, and open spaces.

Q: Are you serious? Do you really think that you can solve world hunger?

A: It would be a bit naive to think that world hunger, disease, pollution, or other social ills could ever be eradicated. But they can be managed. The Hedge Fund For Humanity will be a resource to help combat and manage these problems.

Q: How can I learn more?

A: Send us an email at info@advertithing.com or call us at 609-945-2540

Q: Your web site kind of sucks - it's difficult to navigate and not well organized. What gives?

A: You are absolutely right! If you or someone you know is a talented web designer, please have them contact us at info@advertithing.com or 609-945-2540

Q: How can I help?

A: We're currently accepting cash and non-cash donations, and we have a need for skilled volunteers. We have many of the same needs that a "traditional" business would have such as legal, tax, accounting, sales and marketing, administration, and IT. If you would have any of these skills and would like to help us on a volunteer, pro-bono, sliding scale, or deferrred compensation arrangement, contact us at info@advertithing.com or 609-945-2540

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